Docker Commands

Besides the Docker commands mentioned in previous part for administrators and users. This part contains a collection of basic and useful Docker commands in daily using. A full list of Docker commands can be found at here.

Some common use commands:

docker images List images on the system
docker ps List containers that are running now
docker pull Pull an image or a repository from a registry
docker push Push an image or a repository to a registry
docker run Run a command in a new container
docker rename Rename a container
docker kill Kill one or more running containers

There are two usual ways to exit a container. In most cases, people use “ctrl+P+Q” to exit a container and jobs running in it will not be killed:

exit or ctrl+D        Exit a container and close it, then container cannot be found via docker ps
ctrl+P+Q              Exit a container without closing it, container can be found via docker ps

To resume a container after exiting with “ctrl+P+Q”:

docker exec -it containerNAME /bin/bash


docker attach containerNAME

Note: Using the second one will sometimes get stuck and have no response for a long time. The first one is preferred.